The Week: August 31, 2012

31st Aug, 2012

Sorry for the slow week of posts, folks. I was in Boston for part of the week, and too busy shoveling lobster into my mouth to get much blogging done…

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Linderhof Palace, Bavaria, Germany

30th Aug, 2012

– Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve forgotten something? It’s a sensation I absolutely hate, and I think that’s part of the reason why I’m always doomed to…

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WTF Weds: Making new friends at 30,000...

28th Aug, 2012

I’ve never understood the need for personal space.

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Traffic: the true test of any marriage

26th Aug, 2012

– I think the true test of any marriage is how well you can handle being stuck in traffic together.

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The Week: August 24, 2012

24th Aug, 2012

It’s Friday. The last weekend of August is about to begin. And while fall doesn’t technically start until the 21st of next month, let’s be fair: early September is fall.…

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Crater Lake, Oregon

23rd Aug, 2012

– Do you ever look back at events, with the hindsight of years gone by, and wonder how exactly you were able to get through them? In high school, a…

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The Everywhereist FAQs

22nd Aug, 2012

– FAQ pages have always bothered me. They seem kind of lazy. Like, if someone goes through the trouble of sending you an email and asking you a question, the…

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I Get Fired From My Fake Summer Job For...

21st Aug, 2012

Rand and I have been home a lot this summer. This is in part due to the fact that we hate to leave Seattle when it’s finally sunny here, and…

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Phil’s Frosty, Shady Cove, Oregon

20th Aug, 2012

– Do you ever have moments of absolutely pure conviction? Where you don’t need anyone else’s opinion on something, because you are 100% certain that you are about to make…

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