The Week: Sept 28, 2012

28th Sep, 2012

It’s Friday! And I’m finding a quiet peace in knowing that life is getting back to normal: it’s…

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WTF Wednesday: Hats from Lisa

26th Sep, 2012

I’m pretty sure Lisa gave me the hat as a joke. Actually, I’m certain that she did. Lisa…

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The Replacement Refs’ Guide to Officiating the NFL

25th Sep, 2012

Greetings, replacement refs! I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the officiating that’s gone on…

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The Duke at Queens, Belfast, Northern Ireland

- The Duke at Queens in Belfast is both homey and palatial – a kind of interesting balance.…

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Tuesday Reverie: Improving the GPS

I’m just saying … I think it would encourage me to pay better attention to the directions. -…

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The Best Eye Makeup Remover for Travel

24th Sep, 2012

It is 7:30am here in Seattle, and I woke up more than an hour ago, of my own…

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Modern Pastry, North End, Boston

20th Sep, 2012

- I love Boston’s North End. I’ve been there countless times on my own, while Rand was busy…

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Neptune Oyster, North End, Boston

19th Sep, 2012

- I’m always up for a bit of decadence. You don’t get hips like mine from being restrained.…

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