12 Photos from Wisconsin: Milwaukee to Green Bay

28th Jan, 2013

- The main drawback of communicating mostly through sarcasm (if, indeed, there is any) is this: on the…

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Blog will be slow this week. Because elephants.

27th Jan, 2013

I am in South Africa. It is nearly 7 in the morning, local time. Rand is breathing softly…

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Blue’s Egg, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

24th Jan, 2013

Before we dined there, we had trouble discerning what Blue’s Egg was. The menu was eclectic and high-brow,…

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Lambeau Field and The Packers Hall of Fame, Green Bay, Wisconsin

23rd Jan, 2013

- My husband is a non-believer. I don’t mean to say he isn’t religious. At least, I don’t…

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Superfluous Travel Item I Need (Kinda): DIY Aspirin Acne Mask

21st Jan, 2013

- I have some shocking news for you. SHOCKING. Are you sitting down? Have you cleared all breakable…

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The week: January 18, 2013

18th Jan, 2013

There’s a fog over my town. It’s been here for days. It hangs outside my window this evening,…

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The Bronze Fonz, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

16th Jan, 2013

- There are moments of my life that are so perfect, so ridiculously wonderful, that eloquence fails me.…

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WTF Weds: Koppa’s Fulbeli Deli, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

15th Jan, 2013

  – It’s funny how quickly the bizarre becomes normal. How things that are strange and weird become…

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