Our Dinner With T-Rex.

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Feb 18, 2015
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“Jack, look! A lizard! What should we name him?”


His answer was so brilliant, I was stunned for a second. At the time, he wasn’t even 3.


Doesn’t he look like a little maestro here?

“That,” I finally said, “is a great name.”

Our dinner.


Every time we sat outside for our dinner, T-Rex came out in search of his. We would wait with bated breath as he’d slowly move toward an insect that was at least as long as one of his legs. He’d stay perfectly still for a moment, and then he’d pounce.

The approach.


Whenever he was successful (which was nearly always) we’d erupt into applause. Dinner and a show.

Hard to make out, but this was, in fact, a pivotal scene.


“Good job, T-Rex!” Jack shouted.

Yes. And good job, Jack.

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  • Kristina

    Aww. Reptiles are awesome.

  • Deborah

    Random comment, but I saw a guy in Macau yesterday who looked a lot like Rand – same hair and moustache. I got very excited and started looking around for you. But alas, I realised that you are probably still in S.Afica. I keep thinking that I’ll bump into you both one day, as my husband and I are travelling the world at the moment. How cool would that be! I promise that I’m not a stalker, just someone who has been reading your blog for a while and finds your country / city info helpful and funny. Keep up the good stuff xxx

    • Everywhereist

      Actually, we’re back home in Seattle! I never write about a place in a real-time!

  • This is just adorable in every way.

  • Hahaha T-Rex…dig it.

    Every little boy needs a reptilian friend!

  • T Rex’s success rate is better than the Tigers and Lions in wild 🙂 And just think the amount of money one can save on pest control !

  • I love to see your imagination working. You write things and show images that engage with me and make me laugh. You’re awsome! Keep doing what you do!

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