Random Pictures from our San Diego Trip

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Mar 24, 2010
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  1. Oriental Brewery (OB) beer, consumed in O.B. (Ocean Beach). The name becomes far more funny after several bottles.

    OB Beer.

    OB Beer.

  2. Peyton Manning on a cereal box.

    You dont take a single photo of us and our hosts in Scotland, but you take one of Peyton Manning on a cereal box? Thats just great.

    Rand: "You don't take a single photo of us and our hosts in Scotland, but you take one of Peyton Manning on a cereal box? That's just great."

  3. Unintentionally ironic display in OB grocery store.

    Apparently tobacco counts as a vegetable.

    Apparently tobacco counts as a vegetable.

  4. I do some charity for the elderly …

    In which I help my uncle with his cell phone issues.

    ... and help my uncle with his "piece-of-shit cell phone."

  5. There’s no way I’m eating “those”.

    Dyssentary usually comes cheaper than a dollar, anyway.

    Why pay a dollar for dyssentary when you can get it for free on the sidewalk?

  6. The most expensive property in La Jolla. My cousin explained that the land on which these cottages are built is worth millions. A developer bought it, hoping to put up condos, but the city declared the buildings historical, meaning they can’t be torn down. So they’ve been sitting, unrenovated and virtually abandoned, for years.

    The view was, no joke, spectacular.

    The view was, no joke, spectacular.

  7. Seals in La Jolla. Originally the retaining wall in the background was built to block in part of the ocean, creating a tidal swimming pool for kids back in the 1930s (environmental consequences be damned). It later fell into disrepair, and the seals took over, using the cove as a place where they could rest with their new pups.

    This is way cuter than children pooping their pants at the beach, anyway.

    This is way cuter than children pooping their bathing suits, anyway.

  8. Chocolate Cheerios.

    Eaten for the very first time in California, they proved to be a revelation.

  9. Man-made cave on the beach, La Jolla

    Personally, I like to think of it as a deluxe hobo toilet.

    Personally, I like to think of it as a deluxe hobo toilet.

  10. Recovering with Dharmesh, Pho King Restaurant, San Diego

    In which we clearly look as though we have been on a bender.

    In which we clearly look as though we have been on a bender.

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  • I’ll have to go back and count to be sure (by which I mean, I am never going back to count) but I think you might now have more pictures of Dharmesh on your blog than you do of Rand.

    Also, I love the ironic quotation marks around “crackers” in photo five. Either they don’t really consider them crackers (cracker snobbery!) or there are actual fish in that bag and they are kind of winking at you about it.

  • “I never would have guessed, but you get more fun the more o.b.’s you go through in a night…”

  • #5 freaks me out. What exactly are “crackers?”

    • Everywhereist

      JoAnna. I don’t want to “know.”

  • Willy

    My mom has a “piece of shit computer” she can’t work. In the past, she’s also owned a “piece of shit VCR;” a “piece of shit car”; and a “piece of shit son.” Oh wait…

  • Random thoughts about your random photos:

    1. It’s nice for you to help out old people with the cell phones. Personally I find the best thing you can do for them is teach them how to turn the volume way up.

    2. I like how they put the word “crackers” in quotation marks – like they’re trying to tell us that it’s possible they’re not “really’ crackers.

    3. I love Peyton Manning.

    4. I am desperate to try the new chocolate Cheerios, but terrified that I will get addicted to them.

    5. You do look like you were on a bender. So does Dharmesh. Everyone needs a good bender now and then.

    5. I absolutely will not make a joke about the other product named OB. Entirely inappropriate. Funny, yes, but inappropriate.

  • I was going to say the same thing..”crackers” ?! What are they REALLY?!

    Also, why would one hand-craft a cave?

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