Top Ten Peru Travel Tips (spoiler: bring your own t.p.)

1st Dec, 2011

Historically, the times that I’ve actually known what I was talking about have been few and far between.…

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Looking Dinner in The Face (Slightly NSFW Look at Markets in Peru)

22nd Nov, 2011

On occasion, I like to think of myself as a badass. I’m not, mind you, but I like…

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10 Pictures of Peru: from Lima to Cusco to Machu Picchu

17th Nov, 2011

This week, the motherboard on my computer broke. I’m not even sure what that statement means. Not since…

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The Real Ex-Pats: Old Cars in Lima, Peru

16th Nov, 2011

My first vehicle was a 1976 AMC Pacer. (Please try to control your jealousy.) Because the seat did…

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Photographing Children in Peru – A Hypocrite’s Tale

14th Nov, 2011

- My friend Philip gave me a great piece of advice many years ago, around the time that…

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The Larco Museum, Lima, Peru

11th Nov, 2011

- My husband occasionally has moments of brilliance. He has moments of utmost stupidity, too, but since I…

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Cures for Altitude Sickness From a Sickly Gal

8th Nov, 2011

- With the exception of my thighs and derriere, I am not what you would call a hearty…

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16 Peruvian foods (and drinks) you must try

1st Nov, 2011

Hey folks – my apologies for the blog being so thin lately. I’ve been on the road –…

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