Failed attempts at looking cool: The Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

25th Jul, 2011

I was looking through my photos of Rome from my trip last spring, and I realized something: it…

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The Pantheon

2nd Jun, 2011

During our last trip to Italy, we headed to the Pantheon (in the interest of full disclosure, I…

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The Secrets of Rome

1st Jun, 2011

There are parts of our Rome trip which I would like to share with you, but I can’t.…

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Hotel Raphael, Rome – a splurge, and well worth it.

26th May, 2011

In the wake of a few miserable hotel stays, Rand has hit his limit. He has, apparently, had…

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WTF Wednesday: Messing with Rand (a short play)

25th May, 2011

My husband is a lovely and trusting soul. He has this persistent and annoying belief that humans are…

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10 photos from Rome

24th May, 2011

I feel like Billy Pilgrim: I have come unstuck in time. A friend asked me where exactly I…

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Naughty thoughts in Italy.

17th May, 2011

I saw this sketch in a little kiosk that sold old maps, postcards, and prints in the center…

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The local and the tourist

31st Mar, 2011

We are sitting in a restaurant in Rome. The Peroni Brewery Restaurant, to be exact. Shockingly, it is…

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