The View from the Hamon Observation Tower, San Francisco

16th Aug, 2012

- I’m a bargain-hunter. I’d like to think of this as one of my better qualities, instead of,…

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The View from The Harbor Court Hotel, San Francisco

31st Jul, 2012

We stayed at the Harbor Court Hotel┬áduring our last trip to San Francisco. Every afternoon they had chocolate…

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The California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

There’s an old Cary Grant movie called People Will Talk. If you haven’t seen it, go do so…

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Breakfast at the Ferry Terminal, San Francisco

26th Jul, 2012

- The other day, I read a post about a woman having breakfast at the San Francisco Ferry…

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A Night in San Francisco (A Play in Two Acts)

20th Feb, 2012

The Scene: San Francisco, on a chilly night.   The Characters: Geraldine, who is totally awesome. Rand, who…

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Skylines, Museums, and Fog: 10 photos from San Francisco

25th Aug, 2011

I’m getting a little too comfortable with San Francisco. We go so often – probably a half-dozen times…

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The Marin Art Festival

24th Aug, 2011

I feel sorry for people who have normal friends. I’m sure befriending normal people has its merits. It…

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The Best Ice Cream in San Francisco: Bi-Rite Creamery vs. Humphry Slocombe

18th Aug, 2011

If my last voyage out to New York was the trip of cupcakes, then my most recent trip…

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