The Week: April 26, 2014

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Apr 26, 2014

This round-up is a day late. My apologies for that. It’s also got quite a few links of a sexual nature. No apologies there because, hey, it’s the weekend.



A map illustrating the most popular baseball teams by county. (Apparently nobody cares about Canada.)


“‘Wow-sabi?’ Is that like Wasabi, but with added essence of douchebag?” A scathing review of the menu of Guy Fieri’s new Vegas restaurant.


Prince Harry racing Usain Bolt.


This wasn’t really a surprising revelation, but it’s still a fascinating read: “The Way We Board Planes Makes Absolutely No Sense.”


The Telegraph compiles the top hardest countries to get a visa.


A lovely little essay on the city-dweller’s struggle for privacy.


Sex Advice from an Uncomfortable Guy Who’s Afraid of Sex.


Denmark has taken a creative approach to combat its low birthrate – encouraging people to get it on while on vacation (video is mostly SFW).


Steven Coogan explains why he hates the song “Lady in Red” so darn much. The upside: it’s a funny interview. The downside: guess what song I now have stuck in my head.


Stars of the adult movie industry talk about what it was like to “come out” as a porn worker.


See you Monday!



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  • No doubts anymore about who my favourite prince is!

  • Lizzie

    The Paris Review link (on the city-dweller’s struggle for privacy) is broken.

    • Everywhereist

      Thanks – unfortunately, it looks like the entire site is down. 🙁

  • Andi

    FYI, the Steve Coogan link goes to the Denmark youtube ad.

    • Everywhereist

      Thanks! Fixed.

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