The Week: June 16, 2014

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Jun 16, 2014

Last week I felt kinda … “off.” I arrived late to appointments, I forgot random letters and words in emails and blog posts (if you read anything coherent from me, that was thanks to Rand’s editing), and in the end, I didn’t even get my weekly round-up posted.

I know it’s Monday, and that it isn’t really a day for slacking off, but I figured that a lot of these were too good not to share. So better late than never, here are the links, along with the promise that this week, I’ll be on my game a little more. Maybe.


Buzzfeed checks out the Delia’s catalog from 1997. Baggy pants, ringer t-shirts, puffy vests? Yup. I pretty much wore all of this stuff. Thank god there were no digital cameras back then.


I know it’s nowhere near April, but this is delightful: A professor at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, forced students to answer calls on speakerphone whenever their cell phones went off during class. This created the perfect set-up for a brilliant April Fool’s prank.


A few months ago, I posted about how very few of the eponymous airports were named after women, and mentioned a few of my favorite female aviation pioneers. A reader sent me this link about another notable flying woman. She may not have her own airport, but she’s got a nifty statue and (hey, cool!) we share a first name.


A list of 10 (hopefully) helpful tips from bloggers on how to overcome writer’s block (and yes, one of the tips is from you-know-who.)


Father’s Day was yesterday (I gave my dad a call, and had a remarkably delightful and somewhat hilarious conversation with him. I think he was half-asleep – it was late in Germany). In honor of the holiday, one writer interviews his father about “foodie” culture. The results are amazing (via my friend @gastrognome)


If you live in the U.S., you’ve probably been inundated with news stories about people barging into schools/movie theaters / restaurants / Wal-Marts and indiscriminately shooting down victims. The NRA’s response has always been “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” One gun-owner explains why it’s not as simple as that.


The good minds at Mashable have put together a map of all the mass shootings in America since Sandy Hook. There have been about six dozen of them.


My brilliant friend Pam gives some tips on how we Americans can explain our history of mass shootings to our foreign friends and family. She’s taken a lot of abuse for this post, which is unfortunate, because it is brilliant, justifiably angry, and (sadly) very, very true.


Last weekend was graduation day at my alma mater here in Seattle. This little comic rather brilliantly sums up the whole concept of commencement speakers.


European cab drivers are protesting Uber and clogging the streets with empty cabs. The result? A lot more people are signing up for Uber.


Don’t go anywhere – I’ve got more posts to come this week!



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  • Mary

    AHHH! The link to the Aquinas video made my week – that’s my alma mater! :o)

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