The Week: November 15, 2013

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Nov 15, 2013

After a glorious October and a wonderful start to November, it seems that the rain has finally caught up with us here in the northwest. As I stare at the droplets streaked across my office window, I realize that I have very little motivation to change out of my pjs on this grey morning.

While I see if I can convince my husband that what I’m wearing constitutes “being dressed”, you enjoy these links.


A writer challenges hackers to investigate him. It’s not surprisingly how much they learn about him – but it is alarming how easily they do it.


Check out An Open Letter to Grandpa – a beautiful, brief comic about love and loss.


“McRib’s regular death and reanimation might be a necessary condition for its viability.” An in-depth, quasi-philosophical look at the world’s most processed sandwich.


From The Onion: Alarming MRI Shows Peyton Manning has Been Dead for Six Months. Regardless, my money is totally on the Broncos this weekend versus Kansas City.


Andy, did you hear about this one? For a few hours this week, it seemed like maybe Andy Kaufman’s death all those years ago really was staged. A woman claiming to be his daughter took the stage at the annual awards show named in his honor. While the woman’s claims were quite convincing, it looks like it’s all one big hoax. Wherever he is, I’m sure Andy would be proud.


Using toy cars, scale models, and some clever techniques, Michael Paul Smith creates wonderful vignettes that look all too real. Check out all his work on Flickr.


The Modern Farmer created a handy month-by-month guide to seasonal pies. Fun fact: I’ve been hitting the strawberry rhubarb way, waaay too late in the year.


Sometimes picking a security question for your computer is harder than you’d think (video).


The first openly transgender high school coach works in a small, conservative town in Rhode Island. His story is worth a read.


Adam Ellis (the comic book artist behind Books of Adam who is, I feel it necessary to point out, dark haired and bearded and a total dish and yes, CLEARLY I HAVE A TYPE) illustrates why getting a kitten is awesome and terrible, all at once.


That’s it for me this week, folks. I’ll see you all on Monday.



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  • Colleen

    The grandfather one got me. My grandpa passed away 12 years ago, and although I visited him the summer before he died, I was not able to say a final goodbye to him. I fought back crying, and was successful, even if I got teary.

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