WTF Weds: My Brother’s New Movie Looks Amazing.

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May 20, 2015

My brother is in a new movie, and this time I found out about it on Facebook, rather than having to stalk his IMDB page like a peasant. This is the poster for it:

YOU GUYS. It is a giant robot doing the Double Axe Handle wrestling move (yes, I looked it up) on a giant shark and there are also a bunch of planes and ships and explosions going on.

I am going to wait a moment to let the sheer awesomeness of that sink in a little.

Here is the Japanese trailer for the movie:

I don’t speak Japanese, but here’s what I was able to glean from it:

  • My brother is in it. You can see him for half a second at 0:52.
  • There is also a giant shark.
  • There is a giant robot, which I think is piloted by humans? (No, never mind. The robot is sentient. Which is good for the robot, I guess. But really bad for mankind.)
  • The giant robot flings the giant shark into space, where it hits a satellite, which then accidentally shoots a laser that slices the moon in half.
  • That last sentence is the most amazing thing that I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing.

Here’s the U.S. trailer, in which you can also see my brother (at 0:48). He’s the one talking about how the giant sentient robot is leftover from the Cold War (and he’s also in the still image below. OMG.)

I realize that’s a bit of a spoiler, but if you think about it, it’s kind of obvious. The sentient robot was going to be from the Cold War. Or outer space. Or possibly ancient Egypt. I mean, duh.

Also, I think that maybe the shark is mad about global warming. Which is totally understandable. This film clearly has an important message.

I intend to watch it at least a dozen times.

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