Budding Bromances in Peru: 10 photos

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Oct 18, 2011

When I met Rand, he was living with one of his guy friends.

Their apartment was a quintessential bachelor pad: it had two bedrooms, smelled of Old Spice deodorant, and was furnished with enormous black leather couches and geometric prints. There was an abundance of electronics, and not a single framed photograph of a loved one.

When Rand later moved in with me, the transition must have been somewhat traumatic. The bathroom was filled with all sorts of foreign items: straightening and curling irons and a crimper that I kept around in case of emergencies (having since thrown it away, I now live in fear that someone will have an 80s party, and I won’t be able to attain big hair). There were multiple laundry hampers, with specific instructions as to which items could be placed inside of them. There were weird things like low-fat yogurt and almond butter in the fridge. In the early months of our co-habitation, we fought over stupid things, like where the dish sponge should go, and important things, like where our alarm clock should go.

Nine years later, and we’ve ironed out most of the wrinkles. The dish sponges have their own holder. The alarm clock is across the room, closer to Rand’s side of the bed than mine. And Rand still has no idea what items go in which hamper. It’s not perfect, but it works. And we’re both pretty damn happy, so there’s that.

Still, I suspect he must sometimes miss the guy-time he had in college. I may have a teeny tiny mustache, and I might scream obscenities at the television screen during NFL-games, but it’s not the same. It’s probably one of the reasons why Peru was such a great trip. Rand was there for work, and a few of his colleagues came along to help. It meant that, for the first time in ages, he got to spend time with the guys.

It also meant that, for roughly a week, I ran around Peru singing, “DO DO DO DO DO! CAUGHT IN A RAND BRO-MANCE!” (to the tune of Ms. Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” You’d think it would have gotten annoying, but I’m sure it didn’t.)

So, in honor of those dear gentleman and those budding friendships, I present 10 bromatic photos from Peru.

  1. Tom and Rand next to a huge case of Pisco, a traditional Peruvian liquor.

    My husband is manly enough to wear pink, and is therefore awesome.


  2. At Rand’s work event. Seriously, just look at the googly eyes everyone’s making at eachother.

  3. Tom and Casey at Cicciolina Restaurant, Cuzco.

    Why do I have a sneaking suspicion my female readers will love this photo?

  4. My three dates that night.

    Yup - I got to have dinner with all three of them. Jealous? YOU SHOULD BE.

  5. Casey and Rand hug outside a lavatory in Moray.

    They were patiently waiting for us ladies to use the somewhat godawful facilities.

  6. Rand and Tom pose for the cover of their never-to-be-released album (in the ancient city of Moray).

    I love how serious they look. I think, like, two seconds later I made a fart joke.

  7. And the cover of their never-to-be-released second album (in Machu Picchu).

  8. Hugging on the train back from Machu Picchu.

    I love how bashful they both look in this picture.

  9. Rand openly mocking Casey amidst the Incan ruins.

    I don't really remember what was going on here, but I love this photo.

  10. It’s cool, though: they made up.

    For the record, my husband's not that short - it's just that Casey is really, really tall.

    Now, sing it with me: DO DO DO DO DO! CAUGHT IN A RAND BRO-MANCE! (Or, maybe don’t.) 

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