WTF Wednesday: Bumper Stickers vs. Car Grafitti

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Mar 14, 2012
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I have no problem with the notion that Jesus lives. Whether you are referring to your passion for your lord and savior, or simply taking note of a Hispanic man named Jesus who happens to have a zest for life, I find this statement to be pretty innocuous.

However, I do think it’s kind of weird to scribble that on the back of your vehicle, as opposed to say, buying a bumper sticker. It looks hastily done; suggesting that someone wrote it in a hurry before they were forced into the trunk.

Seen on our drive down to Oregon last summer.

Maybe they were only halfway through the message, which actually held an ominous warning. Maybe it should read:


If it isn’t actually a cry for help, then a bumper sticker is always the best choice for sharing a message with your other drivers (unless you are talking about your honor student, at which point scribbling that message on the back of your car will make you appear to be not only an awesome parent, but also tough. Think about it).

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