Hayman Island in the Rain

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May 20, 2013
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Clouds begin to roll in over the resort at Hayman.

On our last night on Hayman Island, it rained.

We didn’t mind it so much. We’d had our sun – five days with weather that was just about as perfect as one can get. We watched the clouds gather ominously, the promise of a thunderstorm that never did materialize. We only got a bit of a rain shower.

It caught us as we were out for a walk on the beach.

Growing up in Florida, I learned that a beach is not where you want to be during a storm. So I dragged Rand (who really wanted to stay and frolic in the surf, but NO. No, that was not happening) back to the resort. The island was lovely, even in a downpour.


We decided to keep walking. There wasn’t any thunder or lightening to worry about, and the resort had umbrellas sitting around everywhere, so it turned out to be a nice stroll.

Plus, we’re used to the rain. We’ve accepted that it’s a facet of our life. The grey clouds that hover above our home town also seem to follow us, even when we’re on vacation at the ends of the earth.

My husband, marveling at the notion of warm rain.

And we’re both pretty okay with that.

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