10 awesome-tastic travel terms

31st Jul, 2009

Once, many years ago, I had my heart broken by a boy. And he was ruthless, in a…

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Ask the Everywhereist

30th Jul, 2009

  Because I LOVE hearing what I have to say (and I know that you do, too), I’m…

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10 solutions for memory-making when you’ve forgotten your camera.

29th Jul, 2009

  It’s 104 degrees in Seattle … do you know where your camera is? This was going to…

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Time to talk of many things. Or just Oyster, and hotel reviews.

I was going to wait a while to post about Oyster.com. Not because I don’t think the site…

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Birthdays, moon landings, and why you should visit the Kennedy Museum

28th Jul, 2009

My cousin was born on the day of the moon landing, which makes it incredibly easy to remember…

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5 questions for the TSA

27th Jul, 2009

I’ve been reading the TSA blog, which is a dark and ugly place. Then again, so is the…

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Creature comforts in San Diego

This city guide probably won’t help anyone. Or rather, it will probably only help me, in a cathartic…

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