The week in travel: Dec. 24, 2010

24th Dec, 2010

It’s been a quiet week here at the blog. I only got one post up, despite having several…

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Ai Wei Wei, sunflower seeds, and the Tate Modern

20th Dec, 2010

I am not an art critic. Don’t get me wrong: I’m massively critical. Of like, everything. And I…

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The week in travel: Dec. 17, 2010

17th Dec, 2010

Folks, I am rejoicing, because my Christmas/Hanukkah shopping is DONE (ignore how long ago Hanukkah was). I now…

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Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London

16th Dec, 2010

Hello. My name is Geraldine, and I am a drama geek. It’s been nearly a month since my…

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10 somewhat naughty pics from our London trip

15th Dec, 2010

I thought I’d continue with my U.K.-lovefest and present 10 photos from our last trip to London, in…

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WTF Wednesday: Union Square “Holiday” decorations

Dear San Francisco, I love you. I really do. Despite the fact that, at different times over the…

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London calling

14th Dec, 2010

I should warn you right now: I am feeling miserably sentimental. Seriously – my brain is a squishy…

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The Barnes Museum

13th Dec, 2010

The rich are different from you and I. They have more art. (They also have smaller dogs, but…

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