February 15th: The most romantic night, ever.

15th Feb, 2011

Dinner reservations have been made. I rummaged through my closet, pulled out an array of dresses, tossed half…

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Unhappy with your hotel room? Grab your camera.

14th Feb, 2011

The nice thing about the amount that Rand and I travel is that it’s made me less fussy…

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Breaking the rules, and making mom proud.

9th Feb, 2011

I obey the rules. Like, always. I can’t help it: I’m from Seattle. We don’t jaywalk. We wait…

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The life of a short gal: attending a concert.

7th Feb, 2011

I am short. I mean, not dangerously short. I don’t run a risk of poking my eye out…

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The Week: February 4, 2011

4th Feb, 2011

It’s been a crazy-busy week. So busy, that I was contemplating simply writing, “Here. Links. You like.” And…

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10 timely photos from our San Francisco Trip

3rd Feb, 2011

My blog is very up-to-date. The things that I write about? They happened very recently. Even if it…

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WTF Wednesday: In which a good deed shocks me

2nd Feb, 2011

Over the years, I’ve developed a mantra. A little phrase I repeat to myself, when I become so…

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An unfavorable light.

1st Feb, 2011

Our trip to San Diego last over the holidays was marred with some heinous weather. It rained, for…

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