The Week: July 28, 2011

29th Jul, 2011

Let’s ignore the fact that July is almost over, shall we? Or that earlier today I accidentally put…

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The Boston Freedom Trail Walking Tour

28th Jul, 2011

As a lover of bargains, history, and little old men in uniforms, I can safely say that one…

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Touring Boston: Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall, The Old South, and no cupcakes.

27th Jul, 2011

   (Note: Some of the events in this post have been dramatized slightly in order to highlight how…

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Jersey Boy

26th Jul, 2011

- I married a boy from New Jersey. There is no state more unfairly maligned. Tell folks you…

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Failed attempts at looking cool: The Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

25th Jul, 2011

I was looking through my photos of Rome from my trip last spring, and I realized something: it…

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The Week: July 22, 2011

22nd Jul, 2011

It’s official: I’ve had it with Seattle, at least for the next few days (I need more than…

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An accidental James Dean impression, in Boston

21st Jul, 2011

Little known fact about me: in addition to my crippling love of cupcakes and comfortable shoes, I have…

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10 photos from Boston: historic bridges, creepy carousels, shameless making out.

20th Jul, 2011

At the risk of sounding truly lame and wishy-washy, I will say this: I love Boston and New…

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