AIDS/HIV Awareness Banner Vandalized In Capitol Hill

19th Jul, 2011

Before I launch full-force into my coverage of Boston (the city, not the band), I feel like I…

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Old Man Fishkin and His Grandfather

18th Jul, 2011

Rand’s birthday was the Sunday before last, and it passed in our home with nary a cupcake to…

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The Week: July 15, 2011

15th Jul, 2011

Things have been a bit “off” for me today. I just spent several long minutes trying to figure…

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Dale Chihuly’s “Through The Looking Glass” Exhibit, Boston

14th Jul, 2011

(Painting by my amazingly talented friend, Seattle artist Mike Curato.) Dale Chihuly and I have a checkered past.…

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WTF Weds: Seattle Summer Weather

13th Jul, 2011

Seattle, I love ¬†you. You know this. I will always love you, in spite of everything. You insist…

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The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island: Part II

(Yesterday I told the tale of how I visited the Statue of Liberty. This post continues where that…

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The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island: Part I

12th Jul, 2011

(Note: Due to length, I’ve split up my coverage of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island into…

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Outside London: The Black Swan Restaurant and Richmond Park

11th Jul, 2011

  I have something very important to tell you with regards to travel. It has absolutely nothing to…

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