Month: July 2011

Old Man Fishkin and His Grandfather

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Jul 18, 2011

Rand’s birthday was the Sunday before last, and it passed in our home with nary a cupcake to celebrate. It came, it went, and there was not a crumb of cake, not a spoonful of frosting, no cluster of friends crooning “Happy Birthday” off-key. I consider this an unforgivable oversight on my part. We tried…

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The Week: July 15, 2011

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Jul 15, 2011

Things have been a bit “off” for me today. I just spent several long minutes trying to figure out what was wrong with my website and then I realized I was TYPING THE WRONG DOMAIN in the address bar. And no, I don’t have my own website bookmarked on my own computer (What? I feel…

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WTF Weds: Seattle Summer Weather

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Jul 13, 2011
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Seattle, I love  you. You know this. I will always love you, in spite of everything. You insist on charging me for street parking until 8pm? I deal with it. Your property values continue to skyrocket despite the fact that I can buy a 4-bedroom 3-bathroom palace anywhere else in the country for roughly the…

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The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island: Part II

Posted on
Jul 13, 2011

(Yesterday I told the tale of how I visited the Statue of Liberty. This post continues where that one left off, as I made my way from Liberty Island to Ellis.) I’d be remiss if I told you about my visit to Ellis and Liberty Islands and neglected to note how I almost royally messed…

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The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island: Part I

Posted on
Jul 12, 2011

(Note: Due to length, I’ve split up my coverage of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island into two posts. Part 1 covers the Statue of Liberty, and Part 2 will be published tomorrow, and will cover Ellis Island. Enjoy.) ————— – I am not one to feel emotionally moved very often. This is probably…

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The Week: July 8, 2011

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Jul 8, 2011

It’s Friday, and the sun is finally, mercifully, smiling on my rainy little burg. So forgive me if this week’s round-up lacks a proper intro. I’m distracted by all the sunshine and Vitamin-D-processing that’s going on around me. On to the week that was! ————— Is it okay to start with a little bragging and shameless…

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  • When People Are Nice To Me, I Find It Profoundly Confusing: The Geraldine DeRuiter Story.

We had a lovely dinner with some folks based here in Quebec, and they also gave me cupcakes, and it was all lovely and confusing because I am a nightmare of a human.
  • I went to a stunning library in Quebec City today - the Maison de la litterature was once an old church, and now it is full of books and winding staircases.
  • He complained that we were old, and I told him that we had maybe five more minutes of being young and beautiful, so let's enjoy them. Here they are.
  • It's below freezing in Quebec, and I'm fairly certain everything is haunted, but people are politely enduring my terrible French and there is poutine everywhere, so ... win?
  • Just rummaged through my office, looking for a notebook so I could write down some ideas for my next big project. I opened up this one and found a handwritten draft of the intro to my last book. #thisisagoodsignright
  • Look, just because I rolled a snickerdoodle in curry powder doesn't mean I'm a domestic goddess. Domestic demigoddess? Maybe.
  • Bye-bye, San Diego. It's been ... surprisingly cold, actually. But thanks for the Vitamin D.
  • That'll do, San Diego. That'll do. #tacotacotaco
  • Why, yes, my PJs do feature a cartoon version on my husband of them.
  • When you forget your keys, and the best houseguest ever brings them to you (but makes sure you aren't going to live this down.)

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