The Week: September 16, 2011

16th Sep, 2011

Rand and I just got home from our anniversary trip to Ashland, and I have a serious vacation hangover. (Fun fact: driving 8 hours in one day does not make…

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3 years.

14th Sep, 2011

Three years ago today, I made you laugh until you cried. – – —

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Carriage Crossing restaurant, Wichita,...

13th Sep, 2011

– I was so grateful I had brought a cardigan. I chalk it up to my Auntie P. “Bring a cardigan,” she tells me, even if it is 85 degrees,…

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September, Love, and New York.

12th Sep, 2011

September 11th came and went, and I was somewhat relieved it was on a Sunday, meaning that I didn’t necessarily have to post about it. Because, as selfish as this…

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The Week: September 9, 2011

9th Sep, 2011

Oh, the things I did this week. I turned 31. I blogged. I ate cupcakes. So, you know, it was mostly like any other week, except for the whole turning…

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Beyond Wichita: 20 photos of Kansas

8th Sep, 2011

Though I was in Wichita for less than four days, I took more than 900 photos. Yeah. Since whittling that pile down to 10 pictures was pretty much impossible, and…

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Ruminations on a headless doll.

7th Sep, 2011

I was going through some photos from the past year (yes, I was feeling nostalgic for 30), and I came across this little gem, taken last summer when I was…

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Now we are 31.

I have to share something with you has absolutely nothing to do with travel. Not really, anyway. It’s a little narcissistic. I hope you won’t mind. Ready? Here goes: It’s…

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Keeper of the Plains statue, Wichita,...

6th Sep, 2011

“We’re taking you to the Keeper of the Plains,” I was told, and there was little elaboration after that. “Okay,” I said. “And the Keeper of the Plains is …?”…

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