Month: April 2013

Township Tour, Cape Town, South Africa

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Apr 16, 2013

– Rand and I have been talking a lot about entitlement lately. It’s something that comes up a lot for both us. I think we’re both incredibly scared of forgetting just how damn lucky we are. Every now and then, I take a minute think about how charmed my existence is: how every single day…

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Thoughts on the Boston Marathon Attacks

Posted on
Apr 15, 2013
Posted in: Random Musings

– Most of you, regardless of whether you live in the states, have probably heard about the bombings that occurred at the Boston Marathon today, which killed three people, and injured more than a hundred others, some of them critically. Those who were there describe a horrific scene of smoke and screaming and severed limbs.…

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The Week: April 12, 2013

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Apr 12, 2013

I needed a good laugh or three this week. Below are a few links that made me smile. I hope you enjoy them, too. ————— There is an adorable little mouse that is totally awesome. It eats scorpions and howls at the moon. ————— Roger Ebert passed away last week. This prescient post about how…

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A Not-So-Brief History of Apartheid in South Africa

Posted on
Apr 11, 2013

– After we returned to Cape Town, Rand and I took a township tour. I think, without hyperbole, it may have been one of the most significant experiences of my life. I very much want to tell you about it, but it’s impossible to talk about the townships without first talking about apartheid in South…

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WTF: Sunscreen in South Africa

Posted on
Apr 10, 2013
Posted in: WTF, WTF Wednesdays

– I need to relay to you the events of the last few hours. In doing so, I hope that these events will somehow seem more real, that I will have less cause to deny that they ever happened. Because right now, they seem to be the fabrications of a madman.

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10 Photos from Portsmouth

Posted on
Apr 9, 2013
Posted in: Photos, Top Ten

– I’m having trouble getting my thoughts in order this week. I’m once again hit with the obvious realization that I can’t be everywhere at once – certainly not literally, and not even on this blog of mine. We got back from Sydney less than 24 hours ago (and we left for Australia less than…

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Bad News is Best Heard at Home.

Posted on
Apr 8, 2013

Some things, particularly those that are sad or difficult or heartbreaking, are best heard when you’re at home. Rand and I got back into town yesterday afternoon, and felt that peculiar brand of jetlag that so rarely afflicts those who live on the west coast of the U.S.; after nearly two weeks in Australia, our…

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WTF Wednesday: South Africa, Rape Capital of the World

Posted on
Apr 3, 2013
Posted in: WTF, WTF Wednesdays

Note: all of the links below are safe for work, but they deal with some pretty serious issues. I read through a lot of the articles and can tell you, it fucked with my head mightily. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read them. If anything, you probably should. I just wanted to properly prepare you…

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  • The Shard is pretty neat.
  • London has gone full Blade Runner.
  • Not so bad.
  • My jeans look so damn cool after 6 hours at the ceramics studio.
  • 11 years. You have made my life what it is, Rand.
  • When you find out that @britneymuller has surreptitiously been taking photos of your butt on her phone.
Me: Why.
Her: Because it's perfect.
  • Hair toss, check my nails. Baby how you feeling? Thirty-nine as hell.
  • Me: You cannot go to sleep at 10pm EST.
Him: Watch me.
  • I didn't do nearly all that I set out to do today. But I had a lovely dinner thanks to this man and some excellent out of town guests. So perhaps the measure of a day isn't always about that damn checklist. (Maybe. Ask me again tomorrow when all the stress hits me. 🤔😅)
  • You can't expect things to look *exactly* like the picture in the cookbook. But sometimes they do anyway. #alisonroman #diningincookbook #diningin #cocoabananabread #instadesserts #baking

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