Alaska Airlines, Your Legroom is Wasted on Me

29th Nov, 2012

- Dear Alaska Airlines, Hi! It’s me, Geraldine. You might remember me from such notable trips as AA…

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Once Again, I Respond to Emails That I Probably Should Ignore

19th Nov, 2012

- I get email. Lots of it. Sometimes, it’s not even meant for me. (A phenomenon that I…

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The 10 Commandments of Road Trips

6th Nov, 2012

- Rand and I are currently in Boston; in a few days, we’ll be driving up to New…

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The Ten Commandments of Air Travel

18th Sep, 2012

(This is no doubt going to piss some people off. Oh, well. Isn’t that what Tuesdays are for?)…

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Pitch Be Crazy (or How I Respond to PR Emails)

12th Jun, 2012

As a writer, I am constantly concerned that something big might escape my notice, and when a new…

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50 Reasons Why I Won’t be Reading 50 Shades of Grey

5th Jun, 2012

I spent the weekend in L.A. After 48 hours or so, I was run out of town by…

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Everything You Need to Know About the New TSA PreCheck Program

16th May, 2012

- I am not a gambler. Should there be any doubts of this, note that I was in…

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7 Badass Bavarian Foods You Must Try

8th May, 2012

Bavarian food doesn’t f#ck around. Bavarian food is the guy at the gym in the tiny muscle tee…

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