Milwaukee Art Museum, Wisconsin

25th Mar, 2014

If this posts seems anachronistic, there’s good reason: it is. Rand and I are on the road for a while, so I’ve been scouring my Flickr stream  and the Drafts folder…

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Tour of The Sydney Opera House, Sydney,...

25th Jun, 2013

– I think about alternate timelines a lot. About the infinite number of things that had to happen, of decisions that had to be made, for this reality to come…

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Sculptural Awesomeness, Madrid

28th May, 2012

While walking around Madrid, Rand and I saw this sculptural relief on the facade of the building, done in the classical style (is it ancient Roman in its influences? Let’s…

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Gaudi in Barcelona, Part 2: Casa Batllo

14th Mar, 2012

– Remember Fraggle Rock? I positively loved that show (I’d really like to see a “Where Are They Now?” feature on the Fraggles. I hope Wembly finally got into rehab).…

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Gaudi in Barcelona, Part 1: La Pedrera

13th Mar, 2012

– I never really “got” architecture. I blame Mike Brady. Supposedly an expert in the field of home design, he squeezed six children into two bedrooms. He was no architect.…

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