Photographing Children in Peru – A Hypocrite’s Tale

14th Nov, 2011

- My friend Philip gave me a great piece of advice many years ago, around the time that…

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Using a camera in the rain.

26th Oct, 2011

Don’t get your camera wet. These seems to be a fairly obvious rule, right? I can do that,…

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Multiple Perspectives in Photographs

24th Oct, 2011

As you may have noticed, I’m usually the one wielding the camera during most of our trips. Rand…

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Budding Bromances in Peru: 10 photos

18th Oct, 2011

When I met Rand, he was living with one of his guy friends. Their apartment was a¬†quintessential¬†bachelor pad:…

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Life in New York: Dispatches from Occupy Wall Street and the NYC Subway

13th Oct, 2011

Today’s guest post is from my friend John Doherty. Rand and I met John last spring in Boston…

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11 photos from Florida: Beaches, buzzards, and raunchy street signs

6th Oct, 2011

It seems so odd that I’m doing a round-up of photos from Florida, of all places. I lived…

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Driving through Kansas: Pioneer Bluffs, Cottonwood Falls, and The Tallgrass Prairie

4th Oct, 2011

Note: Since my posts are generally too wordy, I decided to see what happened when I made something…

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Blog advice on a warm New York night.

19th Sep, 2011

The place: a restaurant on the lower west side in Manhattan. The time: a few weeks ago, on…

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