The Week In Travel: April 30, 2010

30th Apr, 2010

Blerg. This marks day three of being sick, and if the blog’s been a little slow lately, it’s…

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The Museum of Sex: A prude’s impression (NSFW)

27th Apr, 2010

Please, Please do not read this post at work. Or around children. Or your mom. The photos included…

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Dear Flickr: You lie.

We’ve already established that the double-L in Icelandic actually makes a “t-l-l” sound, so it seems unreasonable that…

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The Tenement Museum, immigration, and my family.

26th Apr, 2010

Note: Photography is not allowed inside the Tenement Museum. All of the pictures of the interior of the…

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The Week in Travel: April 23, 2010

23rd Apr, 2010

My computer, perhaps taking a cue from me, is being slower than usual. So if this post ends…

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A Thursday Pop Quiz: Scottish edition!

22nd Apr, 2010

While traveling in Scotland, I saw this ad on a bus, and laughed my ass off for 10…

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Drunk in Times Square: A play in four acts, and four photos

Act I: Times Square! – Act II: I think our hotel is this way! – Act III: No,…

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The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC

21st Apr, 2010

Convinced I haven’t alienated all of my god-fearing readers with this post, I’ve decided to run the rest…

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