Cupcake DEATH Match: Cupcake Royale vs. Magnolia Bakery

31st Jan, 2011

- “I need cupcakes. Cupcakes for science.” I announced to my husband the other evening. “That sounds perfectly…

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The Week: January 28, 2011

28th Jan, 2011

It’s been a good week. I can’t quite call it great, because there’s serious crap going on (see:…

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Why Seattlites Love Portlandia

27th Jan, 2011

A few nights ago, my husband and I – both lifelong Seattlites, decided to watch the premiere of…

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Getting to downtown Sofia: Part 2

26th Jan, 2011

I feel like, in my honest account of Sofia, I’ve been a bit hard on the town. This…

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Getting to downtown Sofia: Part 1

25th Jan, 2011

In the wake of last week’s treatise about honestly, I feel I should be truthful about a few…

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Museo de Jamon (and other oddities) – Guest post by Nicole!

24th Jan, 2011

- Today’s guest post is by the lovely and talented Nicole, a blogger,¬†freelance writer, and photographer currently living…

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The Week: January 21, 2011

21st Jan, 2011

I am still in my pajamas. This isn’t that heinous a sin, considering that I “work” from home,…

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Lost in Translation: A Facebook Play

20th Jan, 2011

Recently, I posted something to Facebook. Despite appearances to the contrary, I really was thinking in general terms,…

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