Ruminations on a Tuesday: Talking with Your Hands

31st Jan, 2012

A while ago, I wrote a blurb on a scrap sheet of paper. I finally added it to…

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The Traveling Parent Manifesto

30th Jan, 2012

Today’s post is by my dear friend Angela. She’s guest-blogged for me once before, and since then, she’s…

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The Week: Jan. 27, 2011

27th Jan, 2012

The sun is chasing away a few wisps of lingering fog this morning. There is frost on the…

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Pret a Manger and Le Pain Quotidien

26th Jan, 2012

- In high school, I ate fast food nearly every day. While my colon now involuntarily spasms at…

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WTF Weds: Fake Namecards, Real Dinner Parties.

25th Jan, 2012

Rand and I have been home for twenty-three days. Twenty-three. This is the longest stretch of time we’ve…

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The Royal Tenenbaums House, New York

24th Jan, 2012

- On Halloween day, I headed to the Tribeca firestation made famous in Ghostbusters. That night, I channeled…

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Halloween, Margot Tenenbaum, and Steve Zissou

23rd Jan, 2012

Last week, I found out there was a trailer for Wes Anderson’s new movie, Moonrise Kingdom. I haven’t…

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The Week: Jan. 20, 2011

20th Jan, 2012

I’m still at home, and my city is still covered in snow. Supposedly it will all melt today,…

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