Ruminations on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

12th Mar, 2014

I’ve been thinking a lot about¬†Malaysia Airlines flight 370¬†which went missing days ago. I suppose everyone has. It’s…

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2013, Revisited: Self-Portraits on Planes

9th Jan, 2014

- I know, I know. I already recapped 2013 with a bunch of nauseating photos of me and…

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The TSA Almost Confiscated My Souvenirs. Here’s Why.

7th Jan, 2014

This post was almost about macaronuts (which is, for those of you who are unfamiliar, a French macaron…

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Going Against Nature: Sick in NYC

9th Oct, 2013

- Do you ever have those moments where you pull something off (a meal, an event, a project),…

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Flying home from Boulder

22nd Jul, 2013

- Rand and I spent the weekend in Boulder, imposing on friends. I did a whole lot of…

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My Bathroom Reveals That Jet Lag = Drunk.

16th Jun, 2013

Observation: being jet lagged isn’t that radically different from being drunk. Your short term memory suffers, you find…

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Exploring the Outer Reef, Part 1: The Flight

21st May, 2013

- The other day, I botched a batch of homemade cookies that I had been making for get-together…

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How a Flight Attendant Restored My Faith in Humanity

19th Mar, 2013

I have a confession of sorts. It might be that last week, Rand and I zipped back to…

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