8 Totally Innocuous German Words That Make Me Giggle.

23rd Apr, 2012

When I was ten or eleven, my mother took my brother and me to see Universal Soldier in…

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Cilantro vs. Coriander, and The Verbal Bloodbath That Ensued.

12th Dec, 2011

There are some arguments that will consume you. They will take over your entire mind and body, so…

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Italian T.S.A. – no longer a punchline.

8th Apr, 2011

- You know that old joke about heaven and hell? How in heaven, the police are British, the…

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The local and the tourist

31st Mar, 2011

We are sitting in a restaurant in Rome. The Peroni Brewery Restaurant, to be exact. Shockingly, it is…

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10 words Britons should not say in America

21st Feb, 2011

Recently, my home has come to resemble a slumber party full of middle school girls. There’s been lots…

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Lost in Translation: A Facebook Play

20th Jan, 2011

Recently, I posted something to Facebook. Despite appearances to the contrary, I really was thinking in general terms,…

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The English are nuts: Monetary edition!

17th Aug, 2010

A few weeks back Rand and I were having a conversation with our friend Rob, who happens to…

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Breaking the law, Italian style

11th Aug, 2010

Note: My legal team has advised me to put a disclaimer at the beginning of this blog post,…

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