Let me eat (English Wedding) cake.

5th Aug, 2010

I love cake. More than anything in the world, really (with one glaring exception). I am obsessed with…

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10 crazy things my mother has done on Facebook.

2nd Aug, 2010

I’ve started this post about four times. I kept trying to find a way to tie the topic…

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Musings on being American (from a girl who’s pretty sure she is one)

7th Jul, 2010

The Fourth of July just passed, and as my husband and I stood watching fireworks with a couple…

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Dear Flickr: You lie.

27th Apr, 2010

We’ve already established that the double-L in Icelandic actually makes a “t-l-l” sound, so it seems unreasonable that…

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Your money’s no good here, Scotland.

8th Mar, 2010

I can’t take his money … I can’t print my own money … I have to work for…

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Mother Focker, this could only happen to me.

3rd Mar, 2010

I’ve loads to tell you. I have a few more posts about Scotland I need to get out…

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Superbowl Sunday here and across the pond …

22nd Feb, 2010

I’m finally (kind of, sort of) over the Colts’ loss a few weeks ago that I think I…

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We’re kind of a big deal … in Japan.

9th Feb, 2010

It’s the Tuesday after the Superbowl. It is a day that holds a special place in my heart.…

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