You Really Don’t Need to Visit Capri.

10th Mar, 2015

I know I was supposed to go Capri and love it. That just what people do – they…

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Driving The Amalfi Coast Highway

2nd Mar, 2015

  That miserable and storied month of February now over, I am acutely aware of how anxious and…

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The Casualities of February: Leonard Nimoy, A Second Seahawks SuperBowl Win, and My Book Deal.

27th Feb, 2015

“This month has kind of sucked,” I told Rand yesterday. When he began to dispute this (because to…

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Our Dinner With T-Rex.

18th Feb, 2015

“Jack, look! A lizard! What should we name him?” “T-Rex.”

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The Inevitability of Red Wine

11th Feb, 2015

My husband has a habit of wearing his nicest clothes around his favorite toddlers, and after I found myself scrubbing…

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The Crystal Pools, Bushman’s Kloof, South Africa

10th Feb, 2015

Not every element of our trip in Bushman’s Kloof was Jack-proof.   When Reggie, our field guide, told…

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Bushman’s Kloof: The Day Marshall Found the Tortoise

5th Feb, 2015

When you have a wonderful trip, it is incredibly hard to remember one distinct day, because they all…

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Rand(om) Pictures From Bushman’s Kloof

4th Feb, 2015

Warning: Today’s post is all about me gushing over my husband. The jaded and cynical may want to…

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