Why I Won’t Be Part of Amazon’s Affiliate Program

29th Mar, 2015

For roughly 12 hours or so, I was part of Amazon’s Affiliate Program. It operates on a pretty…

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New Blog Design Launching Soon

11th Mar, 2015

I have very exciting news. This week, we’ll be launching a new design on the blog. For those…

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The Casualities of February: Leonard Nimoy, A Second Seahawks SuperBowl Win, and My Book Deal.

27th Feb, 2015

“This month has kind of sucked,” I told Rand yesterday. When he began to dispute this (because to…

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The Week: Jan. 9, 2015

8th Jan, 2015

  Hi! Um … Wow. It’s been … a while. How are you?  Me? Oh, I’ve been good.…

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The White House Wants You To Travel

15th Dec, 2014

… and I’m pretty okay with that. I am conflicted and hopeful. I guess politics will do that…

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How a 5-Year Old Post Shaped My Policy on Blog Comments

20th Nov, 2014

    On the flight back from Africa, which clocked in at a momentous 21 hours and 25…

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What I’ve Been Up To: Speaking Gigs and Interviews

16th Oct, 2014

Phew.   Things have been a whirlwind lately. Rand and I just got back from New York yesterday,…

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The Everywhereist on FYI’s Inspired

6th Oct, 2014

  When my first boyfriend ever broke up with me (over the phone, on a school night, while…

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