WTF Weds: The Geese in the Back Bay Fens, Boston

30th Jan, 2015

I know this is a WTF Wedsnesday post, and today is Friday. What can I say, folks? Laziness…

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Fenway Park Tour, Boston, MA

28th Jan, 2015

  Last week an old love of mine got engaged. He is from so far back in my…

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“Dear Boston” Marathon Memorial, Boston Public Library

17th Apr, 2014

I was in Boston a little more than a week ago. It was a brief trip – two…

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The Bunker Hill Monument, Charlestown, Boston

24th Jun, 2013

- I can hear them. Their shrieks and cries reverberate against the stone walls. They are far enough…

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Thoughts on the Boston Marathon Attacks

15th Apr, 2013

- Most of you, regardless of whether you live in the states, have probably heard about the bombings…

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Georgetown Cupcake and Eldo Cake House, Boston

5th Feb, 2013

(Note: I just got back from South Africa yesterday. My brain has absolutely ZERO idea what time it…

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Modern Pastry, North End, Boston

20th Sep, 2012

- I love Boston’s North End. I’ve been there countless times on my own, while Rand was busy…

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Neptune Oyster, North End, Boston

19th Sep, 2012

- I’m always up for a bit of decadence. You don’t get hips like mine from being restrained.…

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