10 Photos from New York

17th Oct, 2013

We weren’t in New York long. Just enough time for a trip to a few museums, a show,…

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Going Against Nature: Sick in NYC

9th Oct, 2013

- Do you ever have those moments where you pull something off (a meal, an event, a project),…

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Visiting New York, For the Zillionth Time.

18th Jun, 2012

- The trips, after a while, blur together. That’s awful to say, but it’s true. The first time…

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WTF Weds: 5 Mostly True Short Stories About New York

13th Jun, 2012

- Rand and I spent a few days in New York City last month. The city was bright…

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The Brooklyn Flea Market

11th Jun, 2012

There are locations and happenings that, in my mind, hold a sort of mythical status. They are things…

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WTF Wednesday: Felix Gonzalez-Torres at the MoMA

28th Mar, 2012

- Rand and I walked through the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, holding hands. It was early…

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The Beauty and the Beast in New York

27th Mar, 2012

I dreamed of New York for years before I actually made it there. And when I was fortunate…

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WTF Weds: I Paid $3 for an Anti-Capitalism Button at Occupy Wall Street

7th Mar, 2012

- I don’t understand kids today. I’ve tried. But they are nothing like I was at their age.…

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