Rounding a Corner in Dublin …

17th Dec, 2012

Walking down a crowded street on a rainy night in Dublin, we heard the distinct sounds of people…

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WTF Weds: The Belfast Peace Walls

14th Nov, 2012

- Usually, my WTF Wednesdays are not serious. They have to do with the many odd things I’ve…

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The Troubles in Northern Ireland, Continued

13th Nov, 2012

If you are just popping into my blog, welcome! I am currently in the midst of trying to…

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The Troubles in Ireland: The Beginning

12th Nov, 2012

- After my tome about Irish history, I’ve managed to avoid serious discussion or mention of Irish politics…

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10 Photos from the Island of Ireland

5th Nov, 2012

It seems somewhat politically insensitive (orĀ perhaps merely uninformed) to lumpĀ all my photos from our Ireland trip together, especially…

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A Not-So-Brief History of Ireland

29th Oct, 2012

- If my recent posts have seemed more pithy than usual, it is because I am skirting around…

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Made in Belfast Restaurant, Northern Ireland

21st Oct, 2012

- We walked right by Made in Belfast, and didn’t even realize it. “I know exactly where it…

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Familiar Faces in Ireland

10th Oct, 2012

I realize that one of the most important parts of travel is embracing the unknown. We travel to…

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