Led Zeppole, New York

30th Aug, 2011

My family members do not always understand me. I feel like a foreign exchange student in their homes…

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The Highline Park, New York City (Revisited)

I love New York. I’ve visited enough times that the magic, really, should have worn off by now.…

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The Inconvenient Truth About Travel

29th Aug, 2011

Life is not convenient. You are most likely not shocked by this revelation, right? I mean, you probably…

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The Week: August 26, 2011

26th Aug, 2011

I’m home for a little while, enjoying what’s left of the Seattle summer (it was late to arrive…

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Skylines, Museums, and Fog: 10 photos from San Francisco

25th Aug, 2011

I’m getting a little too comfortable with San Francisco. We go so often – probably a half-dozen times…

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The Marin Art Festival

24th Aug, 2011

I feel sorry for people who have normal friends. I’m sure befriending normal people has its merits. It…

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Strawberry Hostess Cupcakes? SINCE WHEN?

23rd Aug, 2011

I’d like to think that I’m pretty up-to-speed on important, world-changing events. I read reddit daily. I’m following…

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Thomas Sweet Ice Cream, Princeton, New Jersey.

22nd Aug, 2011

I’m not done talking about ice cream. I know, I know – you think I’d have gotten it…

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