Food Porn Friday: Blue Scorcher Cafe, Astoria, OR

14th Jun, 2012

I know it’s not technically Friday, but I’m hungry and thinking about food right now, so time means…

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WTF Weds: 5 Mostly True Short Stories About New York

13th Jun, 2012

- Rand and I spent a few days in New York City last month. The city was bright…

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What’s Wrong With Scottish Bank Notes?

12th Jun, 2012

Dear London, This is just kind of hurtful: – I mean, I realize that Scottish notes are easier…

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Pitch Be Crazy (or How I Respond to PR Emails)

As a writer, I am constantly concerned that something big might escape my notice, and when a new…

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The Brooklyn Flea Market

11th Jun, 2012

There are locations and happenings that, in my mind, hold a sort of mythical status. They are things…

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The Week: June 8, 2012

8th Jun, 2012

It’s been a slow week here on the blog – forgive me for that. It’s been an insanely…

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WTF Weds: Inspiration on the Thames

6th Jun, 2012

There’s a gentleman who plays guitar on the banks of the Thames, near the Tate Museum in London.

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50 Reasons Why I Won’t be Reading 50 Shades of Grey

5th Jun, 2012

I spent the weekend in L.A. After 48 hours or so, I was run out of town by…

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