More Adventures In Attempting To Get My Dad to Smile

22nd Apr, 2015

“You should try to get a photo of your dad smiling,” my friend Kurtis suggested to me before…

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Hallstatt, Austria: So Pretty, China Made a Counterfeit Copy

21st Apr, 2015

I don’t think Jeff and Amanda knew what to make of me at first. Rand had met Jeff a…

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Rand(om) Pictures From Bushman’s Kloof

4th Feb, 2015

Warning: Today’s post is all about me gushing over my husband. The jaded and cynical may want to…

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More Scenes from St. Albans

21st Jan, 2015

By popular demand, here are a few more scenes from St. Albans. (Tomorrow we’ll talk about South Africa…

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Sunshine in London.

19th Jan, 2015

I’d seen London so many times before. But I don’t think it’s ever been as lovely as it…

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Taking a Selfie at the Washington Monument is Impossible

17th Dec, 2014

I feel this is a rather critical piece of information that you should know before visiting D.C.: if…

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To the Ends of The Earth and Back

26th Nov, 2014

This is a photo of me and Rand, at the Cape of Good Hope.     I like…

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Traveling to South Africa with a 3-year-old (In Microcosm)

24th Nov, 2014

We took a three-year-old to South Africa. Actually, that’s not technically true. Our friends Sarah and Eric took their three-year-old…

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