WTF Weds: The Geese in the Back Bay Fens, Boston

30th Jan, 2015

I know this is a WTF Wedsnesday post, and today is Friday. What can I say, folks? Laziness…

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WTF Weds: Durian. Ugh. Durian.

23rd Jul, 2014

I would like to take a moment to talk about durian. I have to. I have spent the…

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WTF Weds: Signs in Sorrento, Italy

2nd Jul, 2014

My presumption with any warning sign, or really any sign at all, is that it exists for a…

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WTF Weds: The Peacock in The Village

14th May, 2014

“Is … is that a peacock?” Rand asked me as we walked through the village. “Where?” “Over there,…

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WTF Weds: Mukkefuck Restaurant, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

30th Apr, 2014

Rand and I stopped in Garmisch for a quick snack at a bakery (because if I say I…

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WTF Weds: Blackface Othello, Germany

23rd Apr, 2014

I’ve learned that certain things which may be considered totally acceptable in one country aren’t okay in another.…

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WTF Weds: English Language T-Shirts in Europe

16th Apr, 2014

I’ve noticed a continual trend whenever I visit Europe, and it’s getting downright bizarre: t-shirts with non-sensical English…

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WTF Weds: Charles de Gaulle Airport Signs

26th Feb, 2014

Rand was in Hamburg last week, while I stayed home and watched American Idol. We were both happy…

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