Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Cape Town, South Africa

25th Feb, 2013

- I’m not a plant person. I suppose that’s far better than not being a people person. Or…

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Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

8th Oct, 2012

- While we were in Northern Ireland, I decided that we needed to visit the Giant’s Causeway despite…

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The View from the Hamon Observation Tower, San Francisco

16th Aug, 2012

- I’m a bargain-hunter. I’d like to think of this as one of my better qualities, instead of,…

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The Jacksonville Cemetery, Oregon

8th Aug, 2012

- Yesterday, I noted that I was freaked out because the Touvelle House was right next to the…

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The California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

31st Jul, 2012

There’s an old Cary Grant movie called People Will Talk. If you haven’t seen it, go do so…

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Must. Eat. Everything. (The Astoria Sunday Market Edition.)

10th Jul, 2012

- Friends, let me tell you something: steroids are terrible. Many of you are probably wondering why a…

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The Mob Museum, Las Vegas

26th Jun, 2012

There are several places where Rand’s culture and mine overlap: – At that intersection, you will find weird…

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The Neon Museum Boneyard, Las Vegas

25th Jun, 2012

- I hope Bill and I become friends. He looks sort of like a grown-up version of the…

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