Ford’s Theater and the Petersen House, Washington D.C. (Where President Lincoln Was Shot and Died)

5th Jan, 2015

  I should be perfectly honest here: I didn’t intend to go to visit the home where Lincoln…

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Villa Rufolo, Ravello, Italy

13th Jun, 2014

  Ravello sits just behind Amalfi, further inland and up the mountainside. You can get there by walking,…

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Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Germany

24th Apr, 2014

I had been to Neuschwanstein once before, in 2005. I went with my parents. Both of them. I…

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Glyptothek Sculpture Museum, Munich, Germany

14th Apr, 2014

- Hi. Remember me? I know, I know. It’s been a while. Given how regularly I blog, I’ve…

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The Rodin Museum, Philadelphia

26th Nov, 2013

- If there was anything I could tell my younger self (besides to maybe consider getting an MRI…

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The Bunker Hill Monument, Charlestown, Boston

24th Jun, 2013

- I can hear them. Their shrieks and cries reverberate against the stone walls. They are far enough…

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Portobello Road Market, London

29th Apr, 2013

- The other day I did an excellent job of keeping my mouth shut while a distant in-law…

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Aquila Game Reserve, Touwsriver, South Africa

27th Feb, 2013

- I never imagined myself to be the sort of person who’d go on safari. It’s just not…

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