Driving through Kansas: Pioneer Bluffs, Cottonwood Falls, and The Tallgrass Prairie

4th Oct, 2011

Note: Since my posts are generally too wordy, I decided to see what happened when I made something…

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The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center

3rd Oct, 2011

History is not always kid-friendly. It lacks happy endings, victorious protagonists and punished villains. It’s not really something…

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The Donut Whole, Wichita, Kansas.

29th Sep, 2011

It’s with a bit of guilt that I tell you about the Donut Whole in Wichita, Kansas. I…

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Bogey’s Shakes, Hutchinson, Kansas.

26th Sep, 2011

Rand once told me that people are happier when they’re given fewer choices. He’d read an article on…

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The Kansas Underground Salt Museum: Part 2

21st Sep, 2011

Open some windows, turn on some bright lights, and get ready for the exciting, claustrophobia-inducing conclusion of my…

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The Kansas Underground Salt Museum, Part 1

20th Sep, 2011

Note: This post was shaping up at over 2,000 words, which is just CRAZY PANTS. I think that’s…

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Carriage Crossing restaurant, Wichita, Kansas.

13th Sep, 2011

- I was so grateful I had brought a cardigan. I chalk it up to my Auntie P.…

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Beyond Wichita: 20 photos of Kansas

8th Sep, 2011

Though I was in Wichita for less than four days, I took more than 900 photos. Yeah. Since…

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