WTF Weds: Trying Cherimoyas For The First Time

15th Jan, 2014

This is a cherimoya: – This is NOT how you eat a cherimoya: -

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WTF Weds: Red Lobster Restaurant, Medford, OR

16th Oct, 2013

- When I was a kid, my family went out to eat approximately never. My mother will tell…

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WTF Weds: This is What Happens When You Pitch Shitty Products To Me

2nd Oct, 2013

… I go on what I like to call a “rage bender.” On any given day, despite my…

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WTF Weds: The Cost of Groceries on Bowen Island, BC

25th Sep, 2013

- Do you remember when Rand and I went to an island resort in the Great Barrier Reef,…

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WTF Weds: Pop Tarts in France

31st Jul, 2013

I’m still sick, so I hope you’ll forgive me for another brief blog post. I feel like wet…

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WTF Weds: David Duchovny Modeling In Paris

24th Jul, 2013

I was walking around the 4th arrondissement in Paris when I saw this: – I had to stare…

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WTF Weds: Window Display in a Children’s Boutique, Paris

10th Jul, 2013

I have this impression of the French (which I realize is overly generalizing and stereotypical and patently unfair)…

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WTF Weds: Dopplegangers at the Louvre

26th Jun, 2013

Like most couples who’ve been together for way, waaaay too long, Rand and I have started seeing things…

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