Betty Draper, I ain’t: dinner with the business folk.

18th Mar, 2010

During one episode of Mad Men (which I realize I mention at least three times a week in…

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How to “make friends” in Boston on St. Paddy’s Day.

17th Mar, 2010

Step 1: Be Irish. Step 2: There is no Step 2. A while back, my husband overheard a…

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My dinner with Dharmesh. And that Lauren.

16th Mar, 2010

I was trying to think of a more clever name for this post, something like “Tuesdays with Dharmie”…

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Some really shitty in-flight copy.

Back in my previous life, I worked as a copywriter alongside such brilliant minds as Philip and Angela…

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The Week In Travel: March 12, 2010

12th Mar, 2010

Rand and I are currently in Rye Brook, NY (as an aside, NEVER VISIT HERE), so you’ll have…

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Dick Move, Underwear Bomber

Dude, I’m know this is a little late, and that everyone has probably already said this before, but…

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This is not a guide to London.

11th Mar, 2010

I’ve concluded that in my travels, at least, I can either see people or I can see things…

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The National Wallace Monument, Scotland

10th Mar, 2010

I’m not still writing about Scotland, am I? Have three days in a country ever been stretched into…

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