The Getty Center: Los Angeles in a different light

9th Mar, 2011

L.A. is not home to me. It never will be, never could be. It’s dry and sprawling, full…

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10 Photos from our California trip

3rd Mar, 2011

Yesterday, I visited my mother at her home 20 minutes south of Seattle. As I left, I noticed…

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WTF Wednesday: rolling roadblocks in L.A.

23rd Feb, 2011

- I’d like to think that, as a Seattleite (Seattlite? Does it matter?) I know a thing or…

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10 pictures from Venice, CA

10th Aug, 2010

While Rand was once again showing off his public speaking skills (and meting out crazy doses of charm)…

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Shit my brother says

3rd Aug, 2010

Since yesterday consisted of an entire post dedicated to my mom’s insanity brilliance, I thought I’d take a…

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What can brown do for you? Kick your ass, that’s what.

29th Jul, 2010

Rand and I were wandering around in L.A. last week (did I mention that nobody walks in L.A.?…

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Los Angeles: City of … no way … hope?

12th Jan, 2010

The first time I landed in LAX, I was 14. I was spending a few days with my…

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No permission slip required

7th Jan, 2010

You may have heard that spending time with someone from your youth will cause you to behave in…

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