10 stupid things I’ve done while jet-lagged

29th Jan, 2010

So, my hubby described my post yesterday as “provocative.” I disagreed, and there might have been some jumping…

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Dick Move. You know who you are.

28th Jan, 2010

I’m am licking some wounds. Not literally, of course. Though I sometimes bite the sides of my fingers.…

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Lost in Translation: Play Reviews

27th Jan, 2010

A few months ago, we went to London so Rand could get some work done, and I could…

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10 things to do when you’re sick … and traveling.

26th Jan, 2010

I’m still kicking the last of my cold, and while I’m completely exhausted, I’ve discovered that even 2…

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Superfluous Travel Item I Need Kinda: A GUN?! WTF.

25th Jan, 2010

I kind of hate Cory Doctorow. Like that one kid I can’t stand but keep seeing at parties,…

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My friends rule …

22nd Jan, 2010

I, however, am still sick. Despite spending much of the week on the couch (and offering up some…

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Damn right, it’s a table for one.

21st Jan, 2010

I just read the dumbest article on Yahoo! Shine. Of course, given that I was actually reading an…

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Ten reasons why you shouldn’t take photos in museums

20th Jan, 2010

Are you taking a photo? Are you taking a photo inside a museum? THERE’S NO PHOTO-TAKING INSIDE OF…

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