10 Photos From The Whitsundays

4th Jun, 2013

I know I’ve accosted you all with photo after photo of Hayman Island and the Great Barrier Reef.…

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Day Hikes and Nothingness on Hayman Island

30th May, 2013

Some days we pushed ourselves. We’d kayak in the morning, and snorkel in the afternoon. We’d hike to…

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WTF Weds: the Bush-stone Curlew

29th May, 2013

- Nature, I think, has a plan for all of us. The nice part about being humans with…

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Snorkeling trips from Hayman Island

28th May, 2013

- I am pleased to say there was one thing on Hayman Island that was affordable (well, relatively,…

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Exploring the Outer Reef, Part 2: Snorkeling

23rd May, 2013

Today’s post is the exciting conclusion of our snorkeling adventures on the Outer Reef. Don’t forget to read…

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WTF Wednesday: The Price of Food on Hayman Island

22nd May, 2013

I know, I know. You guys were probably expecting the exciting conclusion of yesterday’s post, in which I…

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Exploring the Outer Reef, Part 1: The Flight

21st May, 2013

- The other day, I botched a batch of homemade cookies that I had been making for get-together…

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Hayman Island in the Rain

20th May, 2013

- On our last night on Hayman Island, it rained.

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